Proposal Guidelines

The Rlg Foundation, as a social entrepreneurship vehicle, selects projects from proposals submitted by project promoters. The Foundation on its own also conducts needs assessments for various communities to select projects. All the projects are then sent to the Rlg Foundation Board for their review and approval.


Below is the 6-step guideline for formatting and submitting proposals to the Foundation:

  • Executive Summary

Provide a clear and concise summary of the project.


  • Project Description

The basic idea of the project should be expressed; the philosophy or premise underlying the project should also be explained.


  • Goals and Objectives

General statements specifying the project's desired outcomes should be outlined


  • Budget

This section should include the financial items needed to execute the project.


  • Monitoring and Evaluation

This section should present the overall evaluation process, both for assisting the ongoing progress towards achieving the objectives and the actual outcome of the project. This section should also include plans and processes in assessing the impacts of projects.


  • Sustainability Plan

This section should show what happens to the outputs of the project after an intervention/programme ends. The plan should consider activities/processes necessary for embedding and owning of the project by the intended beneficiaries, partners and communities.